Vocational Training Schools I | Wolfsburg

The Carl Hahn School in the city of Wolfsburg is to be modernized and restructured as a vocational school. The pbr Planungsbüro Rohling AG won the realization competition in collaboration with Kuttner + Kahl Landschaftsarchitekten.
agn is responsible for the project management. This encompasses the complete scope of services for all stages of the project—from project preparation to conclusion. The areas of action included here are organization, qualities , costs, schedules, and contracts. In the implementation of the project, agn can draw on its experience as general planner for many school projects.
The design plans to open the school complex to its environment and to create spaces for communication. Thus, the new, five-story building architecturally combines the existing buildings A and B, and redefines the existing area. Together, the existing building stock and the new construction form a spacious functional area on the ground floor, which offers space for communal areas such as the entrance, cafeteria, Internet terminals, and a multipurpose room. These mostly have an open design and are also available for extracurricular activities.
In collaboration with the clients and the project team, agn has managed to remain within budget through optimization proposals—without compromising essential functional and design issues. Thus, the ventilation system could be realized for the new building, as well as the façade of movable vertical lamella that surrounds the new building and building A. 

Vocational Training School

Service: Project management, range of actions A-E
Construction start: September 2015
Planned completion: July 2016
Client: Stadt Wolfsburg
Architect: pbr Planungsbüro Rohling AG

Visualization: pbr Planungsbüro Rohling AG