Slaughterhouse, Wiesbaden

The historic water tower, a Wilhelminian style industrial landmark, has shaped the city scape of Wiesbaden since 1899. smp developed the idea of integration into the slaughterhouse ensemble in order to support the building stock, which had been empty for a long time and where continuous investments had been necessary in order to maintain the substance.
Since 1992 the slaughterhouse had been used as an event venue and had to be closed eventually as it had been beyond repair since 2010.
The slaughterhouse hall had been reinstated as an event venue by 2012. Subsequently large parts of the historic façade of the water tower were redeveloped with regard to heritage maintenance. This is where the restaurant and administration integrate while taking into account the existing building structure and substance. The substance on the inside was upgraded, thus the exposed brickwork and the brick vaulted ceiling with steel girders are the main design elements as a witness to the maintained architecture.

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Service: generalplanning
GFA: 5.649 m²
Completion: 2015
Client: SEG (Stadtentwicklungsgesellschaft) Wiesbaden

Photos: agn