Klinikum Osnabrück

The patients in the Osnabruck region are to receive optimum medical services, which is why agn was entrusted with the expansion and restructuring of the operating theater department, including a surgical and internal medicine intensive care unit and a central sterilization unit. In the summer of 2015 agn was awarded the contract following a Europe-wide tender. The construction measures included the refurbishment of the
central surgery department and the expansion of nine out of a total of 11 (optional 13) operating theaters. The surgical intensive care unit and the intermediate care division with a total of 24 beds will be constructed anew on the same level and will have direct access to the operating theater through the wake-up room (holding area). A new central sterilization unit will be constructed on a story above the surgical department that will meet the rising requirements of the in-house departments. It was a special requirement that the measures should be carried out during ongoing operations at four construction sections in total.

Service: architecture
Client: Klinikum Osnabrück GmbH

Photo: Klinikum Osnabrück