Geo sciences, Münster

The tender placed special emphasis on sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. The building underreaches the 2009 Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) by 30% and fulfills the EU Green Building Standard. It received the German Green Building Council (DGNB) gold certification.
The architectural design describes a solitary building with a generous square; the facade segmentation breaks up the mass of the compact structure. The seminar rooms as well as the library and the main entrance are accentuated in appearance, and their vertical shade elements help segment the facade, improving its readability.
Inside, the compact building is loosened up with light wells and galleries. A central atrium connects upper stories with the institutes. The rooms are grouped towards outer facades in rings, similar to blades of a windmill around the atrium. The atrium and galleries form a communicative center on the upper storey levels, offering light-filled relaxation spaces and varied sightlines.

Außenansicht Neubau der Geowissenschaften für die Universität Münster

Service: General planning service phases 2-9
Client: BLB NRW, Münster branch
DGNB certification: Gold

Photos: Jörg Albano-Müller, Münster

Ansicht der Atrien im Naubeu
Ansicht der offenen Scherentreppe
Ansicht von innen auf die Atrien und Ansicht eines großen Seminarraums