“Frankenquai” office and retail building, Hamburg

The office building lies directly on Mittelkanal. It consists of two main tracts along the channel and Frankenstrasse, interconnected by two perpendicular buildings. The new building on Frankenstrasse is built over a three-storey structure, a local switch center, without statically compromising it. In total, seven above-ground floors, two underground floors with a garage as well as equipment and archive rooms have been created. In terms of design, the red glazed facade orients on the neighborhood's red brick fronts.

Ansicht Büro- und Geschäftshaus 'Frankenquai', Hamburg
Ansicht Eingangsbereich

Service: Architecture phases 1-4 as well as detail planning,
creative general management
Completion: Juni 2009
Client: Quantum AG/Porr Solutions

Photos: Bernadette Grimmenstein, Hamburg