Gesamtschule Münster Mitte

In 2013 the Münster team had won the architect‘s competition for the conversion and expansion of the existing school building of Münster Mitte comprehensive school and was contracted to provide the object
planning services.
The key idea for this project is to create a city center school ensemble around a shared central location. This is realized by using the existing building of the former Überwasser school, whereby its semibasement will receive a library and students‘ cafe, and will be accessed through an additional entrance. A detailed investigation into whether it is possible to take over the existing structures helped to reduce the
cost-intensive conversion activities to a minimum. The realization is carried out in two construction stages. The conversion of the former Paul Gerhard and Überwasser schools as well as the new construction of the refectory were completed by the start of the 2015/2016 school year. The new construction of the sixth form
including a double sports hall is expected to be completed by the end of the 2018 summer term break.

Service: Competition (ensuing VOF-process), architecture
Client: Stadt Münster, Amt für Immobilienmanagement

Visualization: Taao Architektur Visualisierung, Lingen
Photos: Espendiller + Gnegel Designer