InnovationsCentrum Osnabrück

The new InnovationsCentrum Osnabrück (ICO)-a U-shaped building spanning three stories-offers a first office environment for young businesses and start-ups. The main entrance, integrated in an airspace facing the courtyard, serves the building as a lively meeting point for exchange and communication.
Office spaces are located in both wings of the building, and can be used flexibly thanks to system planning. Thus, the spatial structure can be adapted to the wishes of the respective tenants.
The shared spaces are found in the main building, where a special feature is a workshop and co-working area. Here, workspaces can be spontaneously rented for a day, a week, or even a month. Open-plan offices can be set up on the first floor, which is where the central server room is also located. The consolidation of all data points enables an energy-efficient use of the waste heat from appliances. There is an event area on the second floor where seminars and conferences with 20 to 150 participants are possible.
The energy concept of the ICO is based on the Passive House Standard, which enables low fuel consumption and associated costs. A heat pump system-whose heat source is a 65-meter-deep (total of 2,600 drill meters) geothermal probe-supplies the building with heat in the winter. This geothermal field is used reversely in summer, and cools the building through a "free cooling" via a comprehensive concrete core activation. The conventional refrigeration avoided in this manner saves electricity and leads to a significant reduction in the CO2 balance. The energy concept falls below the EnEV 2009 by nearly 60%.

ICO Main entrance
Elevation West
Elevation South
Foyer and Meeting Point
Main Staircas
Event area with conferences room

Service: General planning service phases 2-9
Completion: March 2014
Client: ICO Immobilen GmbH
dena-Label "Good Practice Energieeffizienz 2014"

Photos: Jörg Albano-Müller, Münster