Heart and Diabetes Center, Bad Oeynhausen

The heart and diabetes center (Herz- und Diabeteszentrum, HDZ) is meeting the rising demand for competent treatment of severely ill heart patients by adding a functional and care wing.
A new four-story building extends from the existing central building and is aligned in parallel with the expansion building on Brahmsstrasse, which was opened in 2012. The ground and first floor feature a combined natural stone façade and are fitted with a two-story high glass façade.
The basement houses laboratory and practice areas. The ground floor hosts the cardiology and cardio-surgery intensive care unit with 22 beds. The first floor provides space for a 32-bed unit for patients with ventricular assistance devices (VAD). The second floor is designed as a treatment floor and offers generous space for physiotherapy and employee support.
Special emphasis was placed on sustainability during the planning phase. This included an energy concept with a high-performance, heat-insulated building shell as well as the use of hazard-free materials.

Service: Architecture LPH 1-9
Completion: March 2015
Client: Herz- und Diabeteszentrum NRW
DGNB certification: Gold

Photos: Jörg Albano-Müller, Münster