Hangzhou Winland Ltd.

In 2016, agn International (agnINT), on behalf of aaaCHINA and in cooperation with Munich Urban Design International (MUDI) from Shanghai, entered into an international competition. The Chinese project developer Winland is planning to construct a new quarter in the Gongshu district of Hangzhou, the province‘s capital. It includes approx. 120,000 sqm of mixed use above ground that will set a new urban construction impetus in the proximity of the “Grand Canal“ world heritage site and the Xiangji Temple. SOHO office towers, a boutique hotel and a “sunken plaza“ mall bring together the new path relationships that result from the new metro construction and the new artists‘ quarter with the exhibition hall and event arena.

International competition, 2016
Service: Master- and conceptplanning
Jury: Hangzhou Winland Ltd.

Visualization: aaaChina | MUDI