Euler Hermes Campus Hamburg

The new headquarter of Euler Hermes is under development on a site between Gasstrasse and Kirchenweg. In addition to 1,200 office workspaces the new building also includes an employee restaurant, a café, a conference zone as well as a sports area.
The typology of the six-story building develops from the requirement to create equal office workplaces in the entire building. The office workplaces are located on the upper stories while the special facilities are housed on the ground floor and basement.
The facade will receive a light clinker cladding. Two stories are combined visually. The clearly structured facade will be divided into three equally shaped areas, whereby the lower two stories are built as a rusticated base. In terms of urban planning the new building orients itself on the existing buildings. The generous, terrace-shape designed space on the corner of Bahrenfelder Kirchenweg/Gasstraße forms the start to the main entrance of the building and a new quarter plaza in the center of Bahrenfeld.

Service: Architecture
Client: Quantum Projektentwicklung GmbH

Visualization: Bloomimages