Bundesbank, Dortmund

agn was successful in a bid for the contract to plan the new branch office of the German Federal Bank ("Bundesbank") for the Rhein-Ruhr municipal area as part of a Europe-wide competition with competing surveys. Construction at the Marsbruchstrasse/Bundesbank commercial estate started in September following the issue of the construction permit in July 2015.
The German Federal Bank is responsible for ensuring the supply of cash to businesses, which it will manage from 31 nationwide branch offices in the future. During the course of the new construction it plans to merge the offices in Bochum, Düsseldorf, Essen, Hagen and Dortmund into a single branch office.
By late 2018, the largest and most up-to-date Federal Bank branch office in the country will have been built on the approx. 80,000m² plot. The building will accommodate approx. 200 workplaces.
“We place great emphasis on ensuring that the working environment for our employees is designed according to modern, ergonomic standards of knowledge. We also place great importance on ecological sustainability, such as photovoltaic sections and geothermal systems for heat and cold provisioning,” said Dr. Johannes Beermann, Member of the Board of the German Federal Bank.

Dortmund administration German Federal Bank
Distribution center

Service: Architecture
Planned completion: End of 2018
Client: Deutsche Bundesbank

Visualization: TAAO, Lingen