Cultural Historical Center, Vreden

A fundamental extension and refurbishment is meant to take place in the city of Vreden on the site of the current Hamaland Museum and Landeskundliches Institut Westmünsterland. The two institutes are to be merged with the historic sections of the county and city archives at a single location.
The structural reorganization creates the basis for building aninnovative overall concept: The Westmünsterland Cultural History Center. In addition, the general cultural work, city marketing, a small museum shop, and a private education area will find space on the premises.
As part of Regionale 2016, a location should emerge that not only supports arts education, but also reflects the identity and history of the region. The planning area for the conversion is located on the southwestern edge of the historic center of Vreden. There are two listed buildings on the site of the future center. The historic medieval town structure is crucial for the implementation of the design.

Service: Project management
Architect: ARGE Pool Leber und Bleckmann Krys Architekten, München
Client: Kreis Borken

Photos: Brigida González