Façade competition and revitalisation Congress Centrum Hamburg (CCH)

The Congress Center Hamburg (CCH) is one of the leading convention centers in Europe. To strengthen this leading position, the CCH is being revitalized. agn Leusmann won 1st prize in the CCH façade competition, in collaboration with Tim Hupe Architekten, and was subsequently commissioned to handle the project planning. The new outer frame for the CCH combines three spatial situations with each other: the arrival from the east, the new foyer, and the Belvedere – two levels higher and with a view to the south over the “Planet un Blomen” park landscape. The horizontal layering of the façade refers to the vertical stratification of the skyscraper. The individual levels react differently and describe the change of direction between the arrival of visitors and the view into the park.

Main entrance CCH

Competition: February 2014, 1st Preis
Service: Architecture service phases 1-4 (1st Level)
Planned construction start: 2017
Client: CCH Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg
Working group: agn leusmann and Tim Hupe Architekten, Hamburg

Visualization: Bloom Images