Boeblingen mineral spa

Refurbishment and expansion of the popular mineral spa in Böblingen was completed in 2017. For this construction project agn was responsible for the project control, together Stuttgart office IPF. The conversion was mainly carried out during ongoing operations so most guests only had to miss out on using the spa for as short as possible.
The spa has seen 10.3 million visitors since it was first opened in 1989. In order to make the offer attractive on the long term the facility design was upgraded, the necessary infrastructure enhanced and the sauna garden enlarged.
The project also had a traffic-planning dimension. To create space for the expansion of the sauna garden the adjacent Stuttgarter Strasse was moved away from the spa and the connection to the A81 freeway has been improved. The project handling therefore required close coordination with the Böblingen council.

Service: projectmanagement
Completion: 2017
Client: Boeblinger Therme GmbH
Architect: Geising + Boeker, Hamburg

Photos: Peter Schilling | Boeblinger Therme GmbH