Judiciary, Heidelberg

The Heidelberg Judiciary building, a Baden-Württemberg PPP pilot project, includes the regional court, the city court and the prosecutor's office. The building allowed urban development to progress in a lively business and residential neighborhood around the Bahnhofstraße. The nearly square six-storey building is oriented toward the newly-designed "Justitia" square, which is the eastern bookend to the Kurfürstenanlage promenade. All uses are organized around two interior yards. One yard serves as a representative two-storey entrance hall. The second inner yard acts as an atrium that continues into the -1 level. The new administrative center is segmented as follows: On the ground level and on the first floor are the courtrooms, and on floors 3 and 4 are the city judiciary rooms. The public prosecutor's office and the regional court are on the upper floors. The project received the silver DGNB pre-certificate in 2010 for outstanding life cycle analysis and underreaching the EnEV. Additionally, the project received the special "Innovation prize of the PPP" in 2009.

Ansicht Visualisierung der Justiz Heidelberg
Ansicht zweigeschossige Eingangshalle

Services: Architecture and landscaping
Completion: 2011
Client: JUKA Justice Center Kurfürstenanlage GmbH, represented by STRABAG Real Estate, Freiburg region, Freiburg and STRABAG Real Estate, Public Private Partnership Directorate, Cologne
General contractor: Ed. Züblin AG, Karlsruhe Directorate, Mannheim region, Mannheim

DGNB Certification: Silver (precertificate)
2009: Special "Innovation prize of the PPP" award

Visualization/Photo: agn