Office building, Ibbenbüren

The new building set in a park continues the concept of an interlinked, white ensemble. The single-story L-shaped pavilion attaches itself to the existing building. A glazed footbridge to the west forms the main access and completes the compact ring-shaped communication path.
Seven "cabinets" oriented toward the calm inner yard each provide space for a project team of up to six along a common "work bench", an arrangement which allows concentrated individual work thanks to ceiling-high sound absorbent separators, textile flooring and hung acoustic ceilings while creating a light-filled and open space.
Three additional cabinets with four south-facing places each can be annexed if needed and add communal spaces such as conference and plan-checking rooms, archives and plotter/copy room, as well as a kitchenette. The energy and technology concept stands out thanks to its combination of simple, maintenance-free elements such as geothermal energy (earth piles and earth-to-air heat exchanger), concrete core activation, PCM, occupancy and light sensor-controlled illumination system).

Ansicht agn Niederberghaus & Partner GmbH

Service: General planning
Completion: Juli 2010
Client: agn Niederberghaus & Partner GmbH
DGNB certification: Gold

Photos: Jörg Albano-Müller, Münster

Ansicht Neubau agn3
Ansicht Blick aus dem Innenhof
Ansicht Blick in die Kabinette
Ansicht Arbeitsplätze