agn rhein-main

The new agn office in Wiesbaden has been open since early 2017. Located centrally and in new office spaces, agn rhein-main GmbH has started work and is successfully bringing together the projects of the companies agn smp and agn over.
As a general planner it is our goal to find suitable solutions together with the client. We deliver the answers from a single source and realize your construction project efficiently, cost-effectively and on time. We place great focus on careful planning and decision processes as well as the necessary transparency of the context from the initial design to the realized idea while taking into account the functionality, economic efficiency and respectful handling of resources.
As a general planner we have extensive experience in all areas of the tasks and a broad portfolio with individually developed concepts and solutions for existing and new buildings. One added value is the combination of architecture and engineering services with authorized specialist services in fire safety. Speak with us! We are happy to make an appointment with you to lay the foundation for a trustworthy and successful collaboration.

agn rhein-main GmbH
Mainzer Straße 97
65189 Wiesbaden
T +49 611 890260
F +49 611 8902610
E agnrheinmain[at]