Millerntor stadium, Hamburg

Before the start of the 2006 reconstruction, the Millerntor Stadium offered space for circa 20,000 viewers. According to the original plans, the stadium's capacity was to be increased to 27,000, including 15,000 standing spaces and 12,000 seats at the end of the four construction phases. Due to plot limitations, the construction had to be extremely compact to fit on the comparatively small area. The original plan specifies main entryways at the diagonal corners and leading to the promenade on the +1 level.
The first construction phase saw the integration of all main operational units. The players' changing rooms as well as all necessary service rooms, the fan shop, the ticket counter, the club headquarters as well as technical supply and maintenance facilities are all on the ground level.
The 2nd floor houses vendors, the press room, additional offices and the main access promenade; levels 4 and 5 contain food stands, conference rooms and the multifunctional Business Club ("the banquet hall"). VIP lounges ("separées") are above. Security was given special priority. The south tribune was completed in 2007. The last stages will be presumably completed in 2014.

Ansicht Haupteingang Millerntorstation Hamburg
Steh- und Sitzplatztribüne Millerntorstadion

Services: General planning and contracting for organization and regulation
Completion: 2007
Client: Millerntorstadion Betriebs-GmbH & Co.KG represented by IFS

Photos: Hanno